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Automated Systems provided at our outlets:

Asian Paints - Screen Test
Interactive Computer System that allows customer to see on the screen an interior of a room and change the shade of the walls, the door and the windows instantly.
Asian Paints - Colour Genie
'Asian Paints Colour Genie' is a concept that can help you get that exact shade of your choice. The sample colour is instantly mixed by the machine and filled in a tin, just in few minutes!
Asian Paints - Trufinish
It is a unique paint finishes' display palette that allows you to touch and feel the finishes' of popular Asian Paints products.
ICI Dulux - Colour Solution Store
- Color Visualization system.
- Computerized and automated tinting and color matching.
- Colour tools: Fandeck, Colour Panels and Shade cards.
Nerolac - Colour Scape
It is an integrated colour matching system,employing state-of-the-art technology that revolutionises the business of paint selling.
Berger Lewis - ColorBank
- Computerized paint visualization.
- The shades are mixed in a state-of-the-art computerized machine that dispenses colorants with absolute accuracy to base paints.
- Astounding range of 5000+ shades.

Automotive 2K Machines
Each paint color is custom made with the computerized paint mixing machine to ensure the closest possible match per industry standards.

List of machnies owned:
- ICI 2K
- Nerolac Consie
- Asian PPG
- ICI Autocolor
- Asian Bilux

Shades Palette
More than one lack shades pallette including international shades of various companies ranging from wall paints to automobile paints.


Defects-Prevention-Remedy Guide
KnowledgeBase about the common damages, its prevention and the recommended solutions.

Interior/Exterior Sampler
This will help you to pick a sample model (interior/exterior photograph) and know what all materials/paints are used.

Basic Colour Names
Basic colour shades and associative colour names.

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