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Use the right coating

Before you start painting, you should not forget about applying the right coats underneath. Sealers, primers and undercoats will bring out the full beauty of your paint job, while ensuring durability and long-lasting protection.

This helps to prevent underlying as well as subsequent coats from reacting with each other, while ensuring adhesion to the surface.


Primers function to bind subsequent coats to the surface, while inhibiting deterioration of the paint system as a result of rust, weathering or other forms of corrosion.

This intermediate coat prepares the surface for the finishing coat while giving opacity and film build to the paint system.

After this is done, you’ll also need to choose your paint carefully according to the surface you want to paint.


Defects-Prevention-Remedy Guide
KnowledgeBase about the common damages, its prevention and the recommended solutions.

Interior/Exterior Sampler
This will help you to pick a sample model (interior/exterior photograph) and know what all materials/paints are used.

Basic Colour Names
Basic colour shades and associative colour names.

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