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Biju and Company has over 45 years of experience under its belt in serving the finishing needs for buildings and automotive. The company opened its doors for business in 1970 in Thrissur, Kerala, India. The goal of Biju and Company's founder, Mr.V.J.George, is to provide a convenient source of paint products for the do-it-yourselfer and local civil painters and auto mechanics. Now, as times have changed and continue to change, we service a much broader market, reaching all the people of Kerala , as well as, many government agencies and municipalities. We have five retail outlets that have withstood many tests in the ever-changing retail markets. Also we own a chemical unit called Raju Chemicals mainly manufacturing 'Thinner' on the brand name 'Lubilac'.

Biju and Company has been able to sustain as a private and independently-owned company throughout the years by offering the best products at the best possible prices. Biju and Company is still family-owned and operated by the second and third generations of the Vadakkemulloth family, including the founders' three sons, and one daughter. The firm's name represents the name of Mr.V.J.George's elder son, Mr.V.G.Biju, who is now memorable in our prayers. While many of our competitors have disappeared over the years, we have not only maintained, but have seen remarkable growth. Our enduring success in the marketplace is due in great part to the efficiency of our skilled and knowledgeable staff, who strive to provide superior service to every customer.

Biju and Company has maintained a presence on the internet since 2004. We are continually enhancing and building our e-commerce website in order to better service customers throughout the Kerala.

If you happen to be in the Thrissur area, please stop in to visit us, and we will be glad to help you find everything you need for your house or your vehicle!


  • Asian Paints - Screen Test

    Asian Paints Screen TestInteractive Computer System that allows customer to see on the screen an interior of a room and change the shade of the walls, the door and the windows instantly.
  • Asian Paints - Colour Genie

    Asian Paints - Colour Genie'Asian Paints Colour Genie' is a concept that can help you get that exact shade of your choice. The sample colour is instantly mixed by the machine and filled in a tin, just in few minutes!
  • Asian Paints - Trufinish

    Asian Paints - TruFinishIt is a unique paint finishes' display palette that allows you to touch and feel the finishes' of popular Asian Paints products.
  • Asian Paints - Colour World

    Asian Paints - Colour World - Paint Mixing MachingColour World is an user friendly, dealer tinting system (DTS) to dispense paints. Based on the shade and base requirement of the customer, the machine creates desired paint using a combination of white paint base and a range of colour tinters.
  • ICI Dulux - Colour Solution Store

    ICI Dulux Colour Solution Store - Color Visualization system.
    - Computerized and automated tinting and color matching.
    - Colour tools: Fandeck, Colour Panels and Shade cards.
  • Nerolac - Colour Scape

    Nerolac - Colour Scape It is an integrated colour matching system,employing state-of-the-art technology that revolutionises the business of paint selling.
  • Berger Lewis - ColorBank

    Berger Lewis - ColorBank - Computerized paint visualization.
    - The shades are mixed in a state-of-the-art computerized machine that dispenses colorants with absolute accuracy to base paints.
    - Astounding range of 5000+ shades.
  • Automotive 2K Machines

    Automotive Paint 2K Color Mixing MachinesEach paint color is custom made with the computerized paint mixing machine to ensure the closest possible match per industry standards.

    List of machnies owned:
    - ICI 2K
    - Nerolac Consie
    - Asian PPG
    - ESDEE 2K
    - ICI Autocolor
    - Asian Bilux

  • Shades Palette

    Paint Shades Pallete CollectionMore than one lack shades pallette including international shades of various companies ranging from wall paints to automobile paints.



Biju and Company is one of the leading paint retail-companies in South India. Our business mainly aim at the decorative paints for Homes/Buildings and automobile paints for Vehicles where customers will be given a wider selection of products and superior quality.

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